Of words and water

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Words surfed. I floated on its stream.
Words flowed, I rippled.

The words I carried rather carried me.
And we kept flowing… Pouring me out of myself.

Lighter, I became. Emptier, I drained.

From a waterfall, free falling
Into oceans of ink.

My words dripped, so did I.
Until it was all too heavy.

My words and I drowned.



Of heartbeats and ink.

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For long I have cherished the equilibrium that dripped ink from heartbeats. An exchange of feelings for words; possibly because writing words that made no sense does make sense to us after all. Less intimidating, less threatening to the life it belongs to…

The spirit of thoughts trans descend  into the spirit of words.

Until the one heartbeat that spilled the ink.
Scatters and splatters.
Ink wiping ink that dried out.
Ink caressing the whites of pages.

It beats, it drips; but it squirts no words out.  

Scatters and splatters.
Drops. Droplets.
Rippling waves into the puddles of ink.

The lub-dub echoes.
The lub-dub drips.

The ink flows, but the words do not.
Have I failed words or have the words failed me; I know not.

A heartbeat, far too precious to be put in words.

My words, forever soaked.

All I am

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Sorry, I am.

For what I am not.
For what I do, that pleases you not.
Sorry, I am.
If my words missed their meaning.
If my actions failed my intentions.
But Oh, do you not know?
That all I do, and all I don’t
That all I say, and all I withhold
Neither would I have done
Nor would I have not
Had my intentions been to please you not.
Oh do you not know?
For the better, I change.
I try,
For you.
I change.
For you, and only you;
I have learnt to love myself when I have loved you.
Words; All I have got
If more I had; I would deny you not.
These Words I mean;
When I say,
Sorry I am.
For what I am.
In apology, I offer…
myself; all of me, and all I am


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One heartbeat; that echoes forever in the glaciers of myself.

One moment; that defies time. Timeless.


The breath between the lips that part. The glow of eyes, escaping the glimpse and into the stare.

The world is brought to a pause; the pace slows, the voices fade.

Until it freezes.

As I melt;

Midst the breath, the glow, the glimpse, the stare.



Individuals who objectify women into a male pacifier,
Societies who enlist women as second-grade human beings,

We do not exist leashed for an unleashed desire; gone wild.

Be it a sickened temptation
Be it a possessive mentality

Why do you control me when you fail to control yourselves?

[A sketch by the feminist side of me]

عن أنا

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أنا لست روحاً إختذلت في جسد، إختذل في غطاء، إختذل في تعليق هذا و- كلام ذاك

أنا لست عقلاً، عقيم الفكر، عديم الإبداع …

فأنا لم أخلق لكي لا أكون… في وجود غير موجود

وأنا لا أعيش، لكي أموت، وأمر مرور الكرام

فأنا روح بعثت في جسد لتحرك عقلاً بعداً عن حجر العادات،  إلى ما بعد المعتاد…

 أنا خلقت انسان. لأكون؛ أنا، عمل خالد، لا ذكرى نسيان.

أنا لست روحاً، ولدت لتموت، في مجتمع يعشق سكينة السكوت.

 أنا لست عقلاً، ولد ليدفن في مجتمع بات مقبرة للأفكار.

فأنا لن أكون، كما تردني أن أكون.

فكياني في كوني من أكون، متى أكون، أينما أكون.

هذا ليس عني أنا،
هذا عن انا، وأنت
وعنه وعننا…

Blackened sky.
Stretching beyond distance; as far as continents stretch apart.
One blackened sky,
Sheltering you and I
Across the same continents that ripped us apart.
And we linger…
Beyond the eyelids
That shelter you in me; and myself into you…
As we float, on a barely existent moon,
Fading into the same blackened sky
That is yet to shelter you and I.