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To define “broken-hearted” from a doctor’s point of view, he’d definitely state the folowing:

  1. Our antibiotics fight against love’s antigens
  2. We develop a tissue rejection towards ones that aren’t our type.
  3. It brings nothing but ‘pathogens‘ during feelings transfusion.
  4. Physiotherapy never works out…
  5. We fail at doing heart transplants.
  6. We always undergo vasodilation so we never feel HEAT and so, love is lost.
  7. Our medical record is full of breaking-up issues.
  8. Our feelings are given imuno-suppressent drugs!
  9. Mates of the opposite gender usually need “brain” dialysis
  10. We’re not so good at selective breeding.
  11. Our hearts are kept at nature reserves-‘No Illegal Hunting!!’
  12. Couples work antagonistically
  13. We believe endocrine glands secrete anti-love hormones.
  14. Anaerobic respiration doesnt release enough energy to say ‘I love you.

15. Anatomy‘s analysis never revealed the cause behind the death of emotions!

Special thanks to , my friend, Raghda, who helped me out with some stuff!!

Just when it gets awefully unregretible for you loved every minute of it, go to bed, sleep, and dream… It’s where you can feel free to think about anything of any cause without that guilty regret. It’s where your unconsciousness is ready to serve you, and your minds reveal your very personal thoughts, your very own concerns within your dreams…

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, ignore all the noises around you for you’re now enjoying the company of your own, reviving your calm soltitude. It seems like too much thinking is getting you nowhere, instead, it’s adding to the complexity of your issues and piling up more relatively pointless concerns.
Don’t open your eyes yet, the stress and agony hasn’t faded away. These thoughts rush into your minds quitely, and you keep wondering where do you stand, trying to evaluate your current status… To you, it meant the whole world, the whole entire world. To others, it doesnt mean much. These few moments of happiness you lived in the fantasy you created were never going to last forever, and you knew it. But back then, It was worth the though. So define regret… It definitely relates to sometime, some event, some tiny thought of the past that differs from one person to another, and to you, that thought is a merry one. Too merry that it seems unregretible, So beautiful yet so fake… Now, what do you actually need to remark as guilty and bound it to “regret”??

Within this unleashed confusing world of thoughts, you fall asleep, and these well-thought, well studied brain-evoking concerns of ourselves appear in your dreams. The image is getting clearer bit by bit…

Sudden Winter Episodes

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There are two constants in Jeddah’s weather, Sun and heat, so when it gets cloudy, rainy, and windy that does make a difference! we all expected the very few winter weeks to be over, and yes, a windy sand storm did end them. Apparently a temporay end.
The past few days were very cloudy with a pretty cool breeze. No one expected it to rain, but YAAY it did! It wasn’t that heavy like 2008’s but it was cool. It probably didnt rain all over the city, just in certain districts.
And now, I leave you with the pics.

Minds have the power to twist things around, to turn things the way we want to see them or flip them back to what they really are. This power, an ultimate power, could seem to be the reason for our happiness or neglected sadness. Eitherway, it’s a reason for something abstract, something that your will derives to take place. And, you’re left with over-thinking. You think too much till you get nowhere. You’re caught up in the same maze…

The mind:

You know it wasn’t real. Actually you’re afraid it turns out not to be real, so u back off. You know it very well, your logic proved it. Still, you went on an attempt to try. Now comes the role of your will-driven mind. It made it look so real, so true, and you bought it all. But then, it did seem feasible, certain events did make it seem as though it was adressing “you”! but, it wasn’t…
Probably coincidence. Yes, unexpected coincidences, one after the other, made you fall for a silly thought of your mind.

-Silly? You think??

-…You had the potential, and the power to turn it to your side for a while, but now, it’s no more true…You know you’re dreaming. It’s a fantasy that’s never gonna happen. You know it very well and you know how to hide it even better! You want it to happen, but can never expect it happening. Even if it does, you want allow it…I won’t.
You know they aren’t real. You’re believing an illusion of your own creation. You want to fill in the gaps in you and get intouch with your other side. Is this the way??
What you’re doing doesn’t make sense..

-Yes, maybe, I don’t know!
-Because it’s nothing!
-Yes, probably…

-Then why live it?? Live the moment?? So far you cannot guarantee a solid proof! one tiny fact to make you go for it…The worries are, once it appears to be fake, you’ll only be left with remarks of, “How dumb was I?!?” You aren’t sure, neither am I, so let’s wait and see…

A Must-See!

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What are you doing right now?? let me guess…You’re probably lying on the sofa with your laptop on your lap. Maybe. Or there’s a chance you’re just surfing the web quickly because you’re in a rush in order not to be late for your hang out, or family reunion or whatever plans you’ve for the eve. It might be that you’re just not going anywhere tonight, just staying in, watching TV, movies, baking some brownies or waiting for your pizza hut delivery.
You’re bored? You’re friends aren’t coming over for the night because they’re busy studying for their mid-terms?? You’re now having a sip of you’re Hershey’s cocoa or some espresso or it might be just some clean iced water. Whatever we were doing at the moment, we might feel some dissatisfaction, melancholy, or maybe just the need of some routine make-over to grab ourselves of our typical daily actions.

On seeing this, I think we should reconsider our perspectives and attitudes. Atleast understand how inconsiderate we were at times, how ignorant and shallow our minds could be, how much do we lack content in our lives, and how beautiful trivial issues in our lives are. Possibly , how lucky we are. Very few little things in life could seem pretty useless, when in fact they’re of a huge value that we never took into consideration. This little we might disregard probably means a lot to others…

What does this evoke? Sympathy? I think more…

The Puzzled aspect of love

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Why is it that when it comes to love there’s never one convention to stick to? Actually there isn’t any convention, is there? People are just confused, puzzled and are never certain of what they really want. loads of them are hurt, grieving, crying over what they lost. Why? why isn’t it going the way we want it? What do we want in the first place??

There’s the broken heart, the villain, the uncertain, the desperate, the lonely, the temporarily happy, the mournful, the ignorant…loads and loads of those who are wishing for one thing but never having it, or they’re having it, but it isn’t what they wished for, or they have nothing and wish for nothing but waiting for anything. God! It’s never that easy as we think, is it?

But then, what about these random emotions here and there? Where is it going, anywhere?? It’s always too late when the right person shows up. But again, what if it’s too early? Should we go for it? Is it well worth the risk? No one wants to get hurt but no one knows what to expect. It might not be what it seems. Who knows?

There’s always a 50/50 chance of goods and bads, rights and wrongs and we’ve got to chose, try, go through a lot because then we’re going to understand whether or not it was worth the risk. I still wonder, is there any state of in-between? Naah, it never works, at least in such cases. Or does it??

Fear of the Unknown

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There have been times when we all worry about what’s coming next. We’re never certain of what to expect from life because we know that it’s an un-guaranteed game of probability. We’re anxious, too much going on in mind. Everything is changing quickly. very quickly. And, we’re still worried.

Why? We’re either anxious for an uncertain future, or afraid of the consequences of the past. In both cases, worry equals our present state. We tend to keep blabbing about how well do we know how to enjoy our times. We seem to be living the moment, but are we??

It’s us who dash all these thoughts into our brains. It’s quite easy to have a peaceful mind, free from all the stress too much thinking causes. However, it seems that it’s human nature to keep our minds restless, with a 24/7 analysis! That’s it! We don’t know what the size of the matter we’re concerned with is so we end up over-thinking stuff and obviously dramatically over reacting in such a nostalgic state of concern.

So why fear the unknown?? It is an unknown, so why do we want to know it? Confusing, right? Well, past is past. It’s gone, and ever coming back. Future is our upcoming present, so let’s keep it out of our minds for now. Present is the present of life, live it, love it and laugh it because life just goes on !