Posted: January 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

“I cannot find a way to describe it…It’s there inside…all I do is hide..”
Avril Lavigne, Take me away.

This relates to most of u out there..check it..I know there’s been a time when u felt this way…

It happens all of a sudden. Your feelings toward this one person are weird. U find it difficult to explain. u spend too much time trying to think of it. Probably u dont wanna believe it urself, U’re afraid it might end up being an illusion of ur own mind..but then, a time comes when u can’t help it..U just love ’em !

He/she is there right infront of u, talking to u face to face. U wanna say something but u can’t.U just can’t help the way u’re feeling towards em/her! BUT, we choose to keep it for ourselves. we’re afraid of an expected rejection so we choose to remain silent and go through, what might be referred to as, the sweet tortures of love..

These feelings we decide to rather keep hidden in order not to get hurt from any “NO” actually cause us more pains. That’s because our brains keep thinking and thinking about anyhting of everything related to this very one thing!! We feel we need an answer, but we can’t find any. It seems we’re confused but we dont know why..There’s still another chance that they do think the same way about us. They might be hiding it too! It goes on and on and on..
The whole crush phenomena = never ending confusion! The same way we go like
” He loves me…He loves me Not…He loves me…he loves me not!!”

So again, we try to move on. Go out, get intouch with the world, Trying to fill in this supposed gap in our heart that makes us feel detached from ourselves. And Again, He/she shows up ! right there! Something weird goes on inside u..once more, u cannot help it, the minds’ confusion slowly surrenders to the power and desire of ur own will. u step forward, speak with him/her within the typical friendly relationship between u, keeping ur emotions to urself, for the way to still feel about him/her remains censored..


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