Dating a Pahrmachologist?

Posted: January 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’ve read a similar note related to Engineers so I came up with another one for Pharmacologists..
Check this..

  1. We know much about bonding
  2. We’re good at dealing with the ‘Chemistry’
  3. We play with reversible reactions and know very well what to do in an increase of ‘Temperature‘..
  4. We alter the ‘Solubility’ of words
  5. The metal-heads of us are very reactive with Non-metal(heads).
  6. We’re very dilute but can get corrosive at times so take precautions=)
  7. We deal with imflammable materials and ‘Exothermic’ rxns giving HEAT
  8. We hit on the very ‘Radioactive‘elements and make use of them.
  9. Attraction of opposite charges is the very basic part.
  10. We have big brains! we could start up a displacement reaction but remain no more than a spectator ion =P

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