Highschool Mess

Posted: January 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well, first days of school are always the same, Short, boring and messed up. U’d find peers Jamming all around lookind for their classses. It would always be unusually crowded!! New students would sit quitely in their deskes having no idea where god placed them and wth was going on.Each and every one of us had been in such situation someday. They’ll get along soon, ” Global Family =P”
Oldies would run at eachother hugging, calling each other at a distance. Pretty much, Going crazy with happieness. “Oh, u lost weight”, ” Babe, u’re taller ” etc [yes we girls remark on such stuff =D]

Just when we all get setteled in our classes, each teacher that entered would be like:
“How was your vacc”, ” where did u go”, ” New students??”
Once they’re done, They’d move on to telling us abt our Igz! Yes that would freak so many of us out. To most of us, we barely remembered what today was. So, imagine being told the bitter fact of having
five sessions of each subject every week with no P.E , music or Arts.
Few of us didnt even know what subjects they were gonna set for, NOTHING! baisically lost!
We people were still on vaccation. Atleast our minds. Absent Minded! Then later the day we keep whining abt all this shit..
We have the right to =P We were only thinking abt leisure, leisure and only leisure then all of
a sudden school demads a bigger share of our time..AKA we have to get rid of the rest of our
addictions .

By the time it gets home time we’d be exhausted, although we practically studied nothing. We shouldn’t be blamed. like the school duration, from 7 am till 2 pm, is actually the time we’d spend sleeping in summer! That’s gonna take us a while to get into the school mood.
Best of luck with your studies, mates =D !


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