Posted: January 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

It’s the same street you’re walking in. The same route you take to reach nowhere. This time it’s quiet. Really quiet. Wasn’t that what you asked for? Quietness?
You now take few more shakey steps. The street is long, wide yet narrow. Closed window shutters align on either sides. Dirty old street lights disrubt you. And, It’s still quiet…

Everything around you is freaking you out. Cold air strikes, the howls are as usual, but you’re scared. Everything is the same, but everything is scaring the hell out of you!
You’ve got whatever you wanted, the quietness, soltitude and cold winds. Solely for you.
Winds howl again, this time more vigorously. Trees swish, street lights go dimmer, with one in the far end of this endless way going on and off..on and off..

You squeeze your hands into your pockets. It feels warm, quite warm. It’s too cold and windy to raise your head. Still, you manage. The sky is very dull. A bright moon, lit stars but it’s still dull.
Again, you look into the ground. See your bold steps, but it seems like you’re going nowhere. You freak out. Fear is at it’s peak. You think of what you’ve got… Opposites of everything, Darkness and light, rage yet content, you’ve almost got everything but you can have nothing…

You take a few more steps, it’s still scary and cold. You’re afraid, scared, and heading to the land of nowhere…


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