Support in It’s Simplest Forms:

Posted: January 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

To some of u, a moinority though, u might find it boring to read another note abt the one issue everybody’s talking about. Trust me, think about it for a while…It IS worth it. Worth the thought, the support, the words. You shouldn’t be referring to it as it’s THEIR issue, because it definitely involves you, me and everyone else!

It’s been nine days. Yes, more than one whole week of non-stop bombardments. Bombs and bullets have been showering on innocent civilians. More than 400 palestinians died and over 2000 casualties are suffering. What for? What unforgivable sin have these helpless children done? People are dying for no reason.

Hospitals are crowded to their max with wounded people between life and death. Mosques, help-centers, homes, hospitals are all being drained to ashes. People are watching their beloveds pass away upon these brutally inhumane attacks. It’s heartreinding!
Frankly speak, it’s sarcastic how the human life has become so pricelss that people are speaking about killing each other as if it was a piece of cake. What an irony!

We watch wut’s happening from our tv screens and trust me what we see drives tears to our eyes!
We just see, we dont actually live it. Imagine those poor civilians…They’re born to fight. They sleep and wake up on the noise of bombs, tanks, fires and bullets! I think it’s enough if each and every one of us simply inderstand this tragedy.

I, like u, don’t really care abt politics or who’s fault it is or whatever. But, when it comes to THIS, I think we should really care.
I’m not asking anybdy to wake up. I think we’re quite aware of the world around us. If u say you don’t really care, I don’t believe you. Deep inside you I know you do sympathyse with them.

I’m not asking anybdy to go on strikes either. We’re as helpless as they are. One thing is certain, We can pray for them, ask God to turn the tables and may the power be with them. Our support, spiritually and emotionaly, can definitely back them up.

RIP widows and mothers.
RIP orphans and children.
RIP palestenians…


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