The ecstacy of Donuts =D

Posted: January 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

KrispyKreme..Do i need to explain?

With its shing buttery chocolate topping, you could hardly do anything but try your first bite! the topping slowly melts with it’s well baked dough and u could do nothing but laugh! yes , the whole taste made me laugh for no apparent reason.
As you keep eating into it’s core, you’ll reach a point where another flavour adds upto ur runny mouth. it’s the fillings! with a choice of either custard or creme, you just close your eyes and keep eating and eating. This is what i call The ecstacy of Dounuts :D!

Once your done, you move on to it’s coffee. It’s perfect! You could smell the odor of the roasted coffee beans before you even start drinking. With every sip u take, you could taste nothing but sheer coffee flavour. It had something speacial about it. Some very genuine taste! ah!
If u haven’t added the caramel creme on top, then it’s your loss. You’d miss the fusion of the sweet caramel flavour with the original tasty coffee beans WHICH IS NOTHING BUT IRRESISTIBLE!

The best thing is to have both, a sip of coffee, then a bite of dounuts and so on..
All that was when I tried only one kind of their dounuts! so Imagine if you try ALL !


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