The Metallica Puzzle

Posted: January 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

Now if u aren’t a fan of metallica’s you won’t get it.
This is a bunch of metallica’s song titles made into a meaningful content..Enjoy

To live is to die when Nothing else matters, means that you’re helpless, desperate for the day that never comes. Or, Stone cold crazy waiting for the end of the line.
Wherever you may roam you fade to black, so you wait Until it sleeps then seek and destroy that creeping death, of wolf and man.

You’re unforgiven, but that’s it. Sad but true. You’re just one, labelling urself the Harvester of sorrow. You know u’re king nothing and that’s just the thing that should not be!You utter the Low mans lyric, U’ve got attitude so u moan, ” O Bleeding me, Poor twisted me!”
This world is where the wild things are, but u manage to fight fire with fire and ride the lightening. You’re The master of puppets. To u, The chase is better than the catch, so why don’t u craipe dem baby? It aint your bitch!

Now walk into St Anger, hit the lights, while I dissapear.
You know who are the dispsable heros, but u insist on counting urself the hero of the day.
It’s all within my hands, so shoot me again with that unnamed feeling.


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