Twilight – An overrated Romance Thriller.

Posted: January 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

The only thing that made me watch that was people blabbing about how awesome the movie was. It’s basically about “Bella” who falls in love with the hero vampire, “Edward Cullens”, risking her life and everything she’s got. The Cullens aren’t any vampires,they’re cool. They ride wranglers, play baseball, play piano, manage to socialize with people and actually go on dates with “humans” (in this case, Bella).

For a while, I felt this was no more than a FICTION! Some scenes were just fake. The plot, mostly, revolved around chasing the heroine, attracted by her “scent”.. The begining was boring, untill u reach the climax, where it gets a bit gripping. The romance scenes, however, were very toching I have to say. The actions were cool, particularly in terms of music, screen play and direction. Over all, the movie was okay.

It actually reminded me of, “Jumper”, where the hero had similar extraordinary abilities. The only difference was that here, we’re speaking abt VERY speedy vampires with pale white skin and cold hands. I find Jumper, however, way gripping. I had this realistic touch that Twilight hadn’t.

All in all, the romace was what kept the movie going! The part where Bella was attacked by “James”, the evil vampire, was great. And I mean great. That eerie atmosphere, the spookiness, the action, the manipulation, evil, fear and helplessness! all were amazing and did leave an impact. But sadly, that typical happy ending wasn’t predicted! What? they lived happily ever after?? That’s all?? I expected something more…

That left me with a state of in-between. I can’t say the movie was THAT bad. I can’t say it was awesome either. It’s all now for u to decide. Don’t base your decision on Edward’s hotness, cuz hell yea the guy is hawt! That’s actually what people’s remarks were, “The movie is awesome and Edward is hot!” Let’s get this right, these are two different things.:) This is enough, I’ll leave u to watch it. I don’t wanna spoil the rest for you…(as if I already hadn’t… ) haha

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