20 Days in Casts

Posted: January 5, 2009 in Uncategorized
Yes, That doesn’t sound like a great start for new year’s. Sadly, that’s how I had to spend new year’s eve and apparently how I’m going to spend the next very first weeks of January!

The first few days were devastating! Plain shit! I could barely walk, move, or go anywhere.
I hated everything about this unfortunate sudden stay-in obligation that cancelled my pre-fixed plans. I’m the type of person who hates being that helpless. who doesn’t?! nobody would like to be in a continuous need of someone for help. It’s not that I’m arrogant or anything, that’s so not me. I just don’t like getting people to “serve” me, when all I do is lie!! It just changed my mood to crap!

As I struggled to walk, that feeling of helplessness kept kicking in again. But then, I kept telling myself, where has this ” I am what I am, I do whatever I want-I don’t care” attitude I’ve always managed to attain has gone?? In such cases we can’t really help it. We can’t remain so strong ike we usually seem to be. We just have to accept people’s offer for help! Damn it! I just hate knee problems.

Later that week as I started walking better, toddling actually, things were getting a bit better, thou I had to stay home with a “no school” for a couple of days. This tiny period of my disappearing has made things quite clearer for me, in terms of the so-called friendships. I’ve found people I didn’t even know willing to help, and give me a hand with basically everything. Some friends were just very caring and giving, when I actually thought they wouldn’t really care. Others, just made me realize how naive I was to count them as best ones. They didn’t really bother. A “Hi” and fake “Get well soon” was more than enough, to them. No calls, no messagess, emails, nothing! The rest, sarcastically, stuck up some fake smiles so blatently and uttered some other “Hi” and “Outch! Is it that bad??”How ironic! some were so caring and willing to help while others were just so cold and blunt!

My problem is, if i hate i just can’t really hide it. If I’m angry, it shows! I think I’ll have to wait untill it just fades away. It might seem such a trivial incident or that I’m making a fuss out of nothing. Actually, it’s not! This whole thing explained so many stuff I was wondering about.
But again, that’s life. We meet people who hate you for no reason, while others love everything about you for no reason. It’s a minority though. It’s becoming very rare to find someone who loves you for who you really are with no self-centered motivations!

Anyway, I think I went off topic. I’ll have to cope with this annoying cast for the remaining 15 days. Yes, I can’t wait till I take this thing off my leg!! Till then, I’ll find some distractions, not to bug myself with how irritating casts are!


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