Fear of the Unknown

Posted: January 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

There have been times when we all worry about what’s coming next. We’re never certain of what to expect from life because we know that it’s an un-guaranteed game of probability. We’re anxious, too much going on in mind. Everything is changing quickly. very quickly. And, we’re still worried.

Why? We’re either anxious for an uncertain future, or afraid of the consequences of the past. In both cases, worry equals our present state. We tend to keep blabbing about how well do we know how to enjoy our times. We seem to be living the moment, but are we??

It’s us who dash all these thoughts into our brains. It’s quite easy to have a peaceful mind, free from all the stress too much thinking causes. However, it seems that it’s human nature to keep our minds restless, with a 24/7 analysis! That’s it! We don’t know what the size of the matter we’re concerned with is so we end up over-thinking stuff and obviously dramatically over reacting in such a nostalgic state of concern.

So why fear the unknown?? It is an unknown, so why do we want to know it? Confusing, right? Well, past is past. It’s gone, and ever coming back. Future is our upcoming present, so let’s keep it out of our minds for now. Present is the present of life, live it, love it and laugh it because life just goes on !


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