A Must-See!

Posted: January 14, 2009 in Uncategorized
What are you doing right now?? let me guess…You’re probably lying on the sofa with your laptop on your lap. Maybe. Or there’s a chance you’re just surfing the web quickly because you’re in a rush in order not to be late for your hang out, or family reunion or whatever plans you’ve for the eve. It might be that you’re just not going anywhere tonight, just staying in, watching TV, movies, baking some brownies or waiting for your pizza hut delivery.
You’re bored? You’re friends aren’t coming over for the night because they’re busy studying for their mid-terms?? You’re now having a sip of you’re Hershey’s cocoa or some espresso or it might be just some clean iced water. Whatever we were doing at the moment, we might feel some dissatisfaction, melancholy, or maybe just the need of some routine make-over to grab ourselves of our typical daily actions.

On seeing this, I think we should reconsider our perspectives and attitudes. Atleast understand how inconsiderate we were at times, how ignorant and shallow our minds could be, how much do we lack content in our lives, and how beautiful trivial issues in our lives are. Possibly , how lucky we are. Very few little things in life could seem pretty useless, when in fact they’re of a huge value that we never took into consideration. This little we might disregard probably means a lot to others…


What does this evoke? Sympathy? I think more…

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