Think Real : When the Minds speak…

Posted: January 19, 2009 in Uncategorized
Minds have the power to twist things around, to turn things the way we want to see them or flip them back to what they really are. This power, an ultimate power, could seem to be the reason for our happiness or neglected sadness. Eitherway, it’s a reason for something abstract, something that your will derives to take place. And, you’re left with over-thinking. You think too much till you get nowhere. You’re caught up in the same maze…

The mind:

You know it wasn’t real. Actually you’re afraid it turns out not to be real, so u back off. You know it very well, your logic proved it. Still, you went on an attempt to try. Now comes the role of your will-driven mind. It made it look so real, so true, and you bought it all. But then, it did seem feasible, certain events did make it seem as though it was adressing “you”! but, it wasn’t…
Probably coincidence. Yes, unexpected coincidences, one after the other, made you fall for a silly thought of your mind.

-Silly? You think??

-…You had the potential, and the power to turn it to your side for a while, but now, it’s no more true…You know you’re dreaming. It’s a fantasy that’s never gonna happen. You know it very well and you know how to hide it even better! You want it to happen, but can never expect it happening. Even if it does, you want allow it…I won’t.
You know they aren’t real. You’re believing an illusion of your own creation. You want to fill in the gaps in you and get intouch with your other side. Is this the way??
What you’re doing doesn’t make sense..

-Yes, maybe, I don’t know!
-Because it’s nothing!
-Yes, probably…

-Then why live it?? Live the moment?? So far you cannot guarantee a solid proof! one tiny fact to make you go for it…The worries are, once it appears to be fake, you’ll only be left with remarks of, “How dumb was I?!?” You aren’t sure, neither am I, so let’s wait and see…

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