Pretty Good, Pretty Unregretible, So Untrue…

Posted: January 25, 2009 in Uncategorized
Just when it gets awefully unregretible for you loved every minute of it, go to bed, sleep, and dream… It’s where you can feel free to think about anything of any cause without that guilty regret. It’s where your unconsciousness is ready to serve you, and your minds reveal your very personal thoughts, your very own concerns within your dreams…

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, ignore all the noises around you for you’re now enjoying the company of your own, reviving your calm soltitude. It seems like too much thinking is getting you nowhere, instead, it’s adding to the complexity of your issues and piling up more relatively pointless concerns.
Don’t open your eyes yet, the stress and agony hasn’t faded away. These thoughts rush into your minds quitely, and you keep wondering where do you stand, trying to evaluate your current status… To you, it meant the whole world, the whole entire world. To others, it doesnt mean much. These few moments of happiness you lived in the fantasy you created were never going to last forever, and you knew it. But back then, It was worth the though. So define regret… It definitely relates to sometime, some event, some tiny thought of the past that differs from one person to another, and to you, that thought is a merry one. Too merry that it seems unregretible, So beautiful yet so fake… Now, what do you actually need to remark as guilty and bound it to “regret”??

Within this unleashed confusing world of thoughts, you fall asleep, and these well-thought, well studied brain-evoking concerns of ourselves appear in your dreams. The image is getting clearer bit by bit…


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