Why don’t Doctors date (Just for fun)

Posted: January 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

To define “broken-hearted” from a doctor’s point of view, he’d definitely state the folowing:

  1. Our antibiotics fight against love’s antigens
  2. We develop a tissue rejection towards ones that aren’t our type.
  3. It brings nothing but ‘pathogens‘ during feelings transfusion.
  4. Physiotherapy never works out…
  5. We fail at doing heart transplants.
  6. We always undergo vasodilation so we never feel HEAT and so, love is lost.
  7. Our medical record is full of breaking-up issues.
  8. Our feelings are given imuno-suppressent drugs!
  9. Mates of the opposite gender usually need “brain” dialysis
  10. We’re not so good at selective breeding.
  11. Our hearts are kept at nature reserves-‘No Illegal Hunting!!’
  12. Couples work antagonistically
  13. We believe endocrine glands secrete anti-love hormones.
  14. Anaerobic respiration doesnt release enough energy to say ‘I love you.

15. Anatomy‘s analysis never revealed the cause behind the death of emotions!

Special thanks to , my friend, Raghda, who helped me out with some stuff!!

  1. infliktora says:

    looooool that’s hilarious! Some points don’t have to do with doctors though, but still hilarious!

    I’ll attempt one, I’m the one in med school after all XD

  2. RSF says:

    Haha, thanks buddy, I’ll be waiting for that! 😀

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