Posted: February 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

“If you are an Arab, speak Arabic, or has got anything to do with Arabic, check this: www.teetradio.com
Quoted by A.S.F

Teetradio, an Egyptian online-radio station, has successfully attained a genuine style of broadcasting and has sustained it’s own absolute level of awesomeness! The material discussed is basically concerned with our daily social issues, and covers almost every aspect of our everyday lives, needless to mention that it has got it’s unique non-stop sense of humor!

From it’s crew and speech content to it’s presentation and broadcasting, Teetradio definitely illustrates a totally awesome achievement! It’s another rising civilization of speech that will definitely have an impact on each and every individual of us, that’s if it already hasn’t !

Teetradio, I salute you…

  1. Hey man…

    Thanks a million for your very kind and encouraging words…

    I am Adham Abdel-Salam from teetradio.com, and I just wanted to state how greatful I am and we all are at teetradio.com for your post…

    please if you have any comments or feedback you would like to share, sned me an e-mail at once adham.abdelsalam@gmail.com


  2. RSF says:

    Anytime Adham, indeed I will. I’m a loyal fan!

    btw, am not a “man” xD

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