You Were Right…My Bad.

Posted: February 4, 2009 in Uncategorized
Mind, I owe you an appology. It’s my fault I was ignorant, impatient and quite unrealistic. Yes, you were right about everything, every single thing! You had the perfect objective look to sort it out the way it should, and too bad I went for these uncertain, untrue thoughts of my own…You cannot call me indulgent, though, for I wasn’t too dumb to understand! It’s just that everything went from ordinary routinic to spontaneously confusing.
Afterall, here I am, giving up. I give up on the thought, the memories, and that fake blind feeling. I no longer need to explain myself, mind. I’m going to let go of this stubborn part of me…I’m back to normal, and even better. I guess I need no further evaluation of my current status. I’m happy, feeling content, and waiting…waiting for what comes up next.
Appologies for not being so responsible…

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