First MRI Experience.

Posted: February 8, 2009 in Uncategorized
After a coupe of days delay, at last I got to it. I wasn’t scared, but a bit tense. We got dressed and rode all the way to the hospital. The streets were desserted, literally! It wasn’t that late, 12 am. (Atleast not to me). It’s exams probably, everyone is sticking up to his/her desk for serious study lockdown. 15 minutes later we reached the hospital, x-ray departement. It was even quiter. As we entered the room where I was going to do the MRI thingie, I got a bit tense.

Trust me it’s not the best experience one would go though! You lie down on this movable bed that goes into this freaky tomb-like cylinder. Why do they make it that narrow?? Thank God it was only my legs that were inside. I took a deep breath and keeped uttering words to myself to regain my strength. I started looking around me, inspecting this weird machine as I lay helpless, actually. It was interesting to technically see the stuff we take in Physics- the use of magnetism, radiations etc.

Few minutes later, that machine started, it’s noise was deafening! I had these headphones on but still, it was annoying bigtime! I closed my eyes, took a deeper breath as it was running. I Teared, but I knew I was strong enough to do it, an I did ! Phew!
As I was lying for 30 minutes (yes a whole 30 minutes of motionless status) I started reading the stuff wrotten on it. It was sarcasting! It said ” Symphony, Maestro Class”! Symphony?? Do they call this unbelievably annoying sound a symphony?? Oh, and Maestro class! I’d rather call that a Metro class.
I managed stay still, as the nurse said, I knew it was going to be over soon. I had no choice but to wait untill it’s done.

Eventually, this whole nightmare was over! It might not be that freaky thou, it’s probably that it’s my first time to try such thing, and hopefully my last! Phew, it’s over. All I have to do now is wait for the results…


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