These Tiny Little Things

Posted: February 11, 2009 in Uncategorized
Nobody’s life is perfect. Yet, it’s these tiny little things in our lives that add a tiny bit of excitement, love, happiness, or even agony and dissatisfaction. Yes, one sweet word could last a lifetime, one true love could change our lives to heaven, a loving bedtime kiss is fully capable of eliminating any possible nightmares…It’s powerful! A sincere thought, a warm hug, a glimpse, a present or anything that is so little is in fact what makes our lives diffirent.

In the same time, it’s these same tiny little things that remain the obstacle between us and the ones we love and care about. No matter how minute they were, they still do, at times, become the only barrior seperating people apart and making our dreams, hopes and ambitions seem virtually impossible. We wait… wait for one, only one of these tiny little things to happen, for our dreams to come true, for this fairy tale to end, and become our fortunate reality. In the other cases, we do wait too, but we wait for this tiny little thing to fade away, to end, dissapear and vanish! Once it’s over we’re reunited, we’re back together… but does it ever end??

Apparently, reality is our biggest lie. It is, when people keep hiding their true feelings inside, when they never say what is real. Yes, when people don’t act for who they really are and be themselves, then it is a lie. When there’s always some suspicion keeping people apart, some fear blocking our eyes from seeing what reality actually is, then it is a lie. When people can no longer understand how these tiny little things in our lives are meaningful, valuable, or how much hurt or pain their absence or even their presence might cause, when the fundementals of reality are lost, it remains no more than a fake lie…

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