Valentine Eve ♥

Posted: February 13, 2009 in Uncategorized
I’m in such a perfect mood- musical, ecstatic, hyper, and much more! As I listen to my fav music, I look back at these old days, I remember those I’ve truly loved, and those who truly loved me. I recall how awesome these days were, wheather it was love from one side, whatever, call it whatever you want- stupidity, immaturity, carelessness, anything! These odd memories make mee feel happy and that’s what matters!

I don’t mind spending this valentine on my own, for I know love is all around me. I’m in love with life and it’s memories, it’s days and times…Happy or sad I don’t care! I like it the way it is.
I’m feeling weirdly enthralled! Apparently, for no reason. Yes I’m going to enjoy the sweet company of my own, my memories, my secrets… Apart from my knee problem, nothing is going to stop me from having the best time of my life – hopefully !
I still keep looking back at these old days as I write this…Even if things didn’t turn out the way we wanted, even if those we loved weren’t by our side, we still managed to live life, to enjoy every minute of it. Remember the laughter? The good times we had with those who were there for us, friends, family and lovers?? Deep inside we love somebdy, someone who’s identy is so far an “unknown”, but we know there’s someone for everybody out there whom we’ll get to stumble upon in the right time!

I scroll down my contact list, you’re not there but i know you’re somewhere! I’m waiting, so are you…None of us knows what is going to happen next, and that’s the best part- sweet suspense. Till then let’s keep holding on to these melodies, these sweet days, these amazing good times that keep rolling… Let’s hold on to our lives, never letgo of the good times!

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