Hitting the Brummy Lands

Posted: February 16, 2009 in Uncategorized
12 20 am. I’m in the airport lounge, waiting for our flight. It’s not that crowded, only a few travellers here and there. Lucky me, I’ve got my stupid Hp laptop, half charged, and might shut down at any time 😀 I don’t really like the fact I’m travelling while having a bad knee, and relying on a cane for support , but who cares!
Now comes the fun part- shifting from a temperarure of nearly 35 degrees or even more to temperatures of 10 degrees or less! Lovelly !! I hope it snows, I’ve never actually seen or felt snow in reality, so let’s just hope it does.
Another 30 minutes to go for us to go on board. I just love travelling, airports, planes, and this whole exciting atmosphere. I can’t wait to see my brother, miss him like hell! Can’t wait to experience the negative range of temperature again. I just love it when it gets freezing cold! I know I’m going to miss quite few things at school, especially that 4-chapter chemistry quiz tomorrow, but I have no choice. I hope school work doesn’t just pile over!
And now, my laptop is running out of power. I’d better go and get ready, they’re going to call for our flight soon…
See ya!

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