Treasures of Arabia

Posted: February 21, 2009 in Uncategorized
‘Treasures of Arabia’ , hosted by the Arab SocietyUniversity of Birmingham, was truly a show not to be missed. The cause behind the event was to raise some funds to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine, after the crisis Gaza went through lately. Raising a sum of almost 1000 pounds was a definite success, fullfilling their main goal. Not only that, they managed to present an awesome show which the audience definitely enjoyed.

By 7 p.m. the show was on in the Guild of Students, where
Marwa- The society’s president, gave an introductory sentence on the event and the cause behind it, followed by the founder of the Islamic Relief organization giving a short talk on their work and how and why they started.

Next was the Palestanian band, Silcrode. I just adored their performance! Their music are genuine, classic and inspired fro flamingos, blues, and a lot more. They’ve been doing it for so long, as they said, and that was quite obvious as they played two of their songs, ‘Terror’ and ‘we’ll never go down’ professionally.
The mixture of both ‘tabla’ and acoustic guitar was fantastic, as well as their lyrics, inspired from real life issues.
By the time they were done, it was now time for ‘tabla solo’, where three people of which two were called ‘Abdallah’ amazingly rapped on the tabla effects. Fantastic! Needless to mention, they played a tiny bit of the music of the West African culture.
Later, was the time for some professional, absolutely professional, violen playing by another amazing band from London. It was magnificent how they brought back the feel and atmosphere of the old, really old, times as they played the music of old Egyptian singers from the 60s or 70s. The crowd was clapping as they listened to their enjoyable melodies and were mumbling the words of the song itself, to the extend each time the band was done playing, someone would go up there and ask them to play over and over again!
Although I’m not that fond of 70s music, they played as awesome as awesome could be!
Now comes the fun part, and I mean ‘FUN’ ! An Egyptian man went on stage and sang, together with this extraordinarily professional violen performance, adding an exciting Arabian music touch to the evening. People were soaring with happiness, singing along, and putting their hands together for this one special musical performance!
Next was a break. Yes, food time! It was nothing but delicious. Each table already had juice bottles for those who wanted some drink, and now they served the comers main courses which included meat scallop with rice, traditional salad- ” Fatush”, and other appetizers. That was truly irresistible!

Once we were done eating, we were entralled by an artistic ‘Dabke’ dance. They performed really well and obviously they had trained so hard to get its moves done the right way at the same time. Apart from some tiny confusions with some of its steps, which was really minor, they gave an outstanding dance! Well done!!

After that was the awesome Cultural Fashion Show. It was more that awesome I have to say. The costumes were fabulous, their acts were brilliant and this show was one of a kind! The music were perfectly chosen to match each culture and tradition and they did have a unique sense of humour which the audience absolutely loved!
Indeed, the Arab Society members worked so hard to put this together and their effort did pay off! Society members, I salute you! This was nothing but a hit. We’re waiting for more, more fun, more enthusiasm, and more talents!

Even the little ones were involved.


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