Mind Your Critisizms

Posted: March 7, 2009 in Uncategorized
To whoever you were, one of my teachers, friends, mum and dad, for God’s sake enough with ur critisizims, destructive critisizms! It’s getting too much lately, and am not willing to take it anymore. I won’t fight back, if confidence, to you, illustrates an ego-maniac then it’s not my problem. I know myself really well and I am the one to judge myself because from now on, I’m not tolerating any demeaning attitudes, rivalries, discriminations or being blamed for something I didn’t do. I know I can’t change what goes on in ur minds, but someday I’m going to proove myself right. So go on, say whatever you want to say about me, label me with whatever labels that will make you happy, I don’t care anymore.
This doesn’t mean I wont accept any comments from others, their ideas, or their views. I do take them into consideration, the constructive ones. But when all you hear is negativeness, and all you see is hands pointing at you with blame, then there’s something we’re missing out on. Nobody’s perfect- we know that, but nobody is fully sinfull!
So, next time you’re about to critisize somebody think carefully about how you say it. An indian proverb (which I don’t literally remember it’s words) says: Whenever you point your finger at somebody, know that there are 3 pointing back at you…
  1. Raghda says:


  2. sara kussad says:

    yes ur right…
    dont tell me tht u got upset with the comment i made at school that day….
    i didnt critisize u and i hope u didnt understand wht i said wrongly..
    sorry if i did sth which annoyed u!

  3. RSF says:

    lol, ofcourse not sara, it’s got nothing to do with you!!

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