The Sweetness of Forgiveness

Posted: March 7, 2009 in Uncategorized
I always say it, and I’ll always keep saying it…”I’m seeking the strength to fogive and forget”. It is what makes us move on with our lives, forgiveness. We cannot just live with this never-ending grudge, we’re all liable of doing mistakes and no one is sin-free thou we all long to be so. It’s what makes us humans, making mistakes and admitting that we’re wrong is itself a virtue that needs a power of it’s own. I’m not from another planet uttering some hypathetical words of wisedom. This is what life is all about- mistakes, regret, shame, hope, pity and the eventually granted forgiveness. The thing is, is everyone willing to forgive?? Are they all ready to let go of the hatred in them and start over? Sometimes it’s overrated, on the other hand some stuff are just too difficult to forget, they’ve left us a mark in our lives, so difficult to erase, so difficult to ignore or mark as trivial. And then, forgiveness becomes no more than a helpless hope we’re waiting for it’s grant, and when we do, we get to know, for the first time in our lives, the taste of sheer hapiness, the true meaning of forgiveness- The sweetness of forgiveness!
  1. Raghda says:

    it’s a gr8 piece rana…keep up the good work

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