WSD- World Stupidity Day

Posted: March 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

March 16 people! It’s getting closer and soon will be the time to act extra stupid, super dumb and lame! Stupidity exists and it’s just about time to revive it, right?

A quick recap: WSD was started by 3 guys who used to hang out at a nearby compound, apparently so bored out of their heads, so they came up with the idea of praising the stupidity we go through everyday under the motto ” Dew in the Jar” ! ( Inspired from Metallica’s awesome song- Whiskey in the Jar.)

All you need to do is act as stupid as stupid can be (that’s if you don’t already do), video tape yourself doing whatever you’ll be doing by then, and finally, blackmail yourself! Oh, and the most important part- drinking Mountain Dew. Easy!

Well, not as easy as it sounds. Out of all the stupid things we do, what is the only extraordinarily stupid thing left for us to do and celebrate the event? Afterall, stupidity is everywhere! It’s just going to take us a while to come up with some genuine stupidity! Yes, It’s time to get ready to party as stupid morons, now go edit your to-do-list, plan and re-shape ur stupidity. (I think I’ve repeated the word ‘stupid’ and all relevent meanings way too much! I have to decide on what I’m going to do myself too!)

It’s on! March 16, here we are! Let’s spread the word !!


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