And the list piles up…

Posted: March 18, 2009 in Uncategorized
Grrr… Too much going on in my mind. Everything is being so vague lately, so blurry and unexplainable! I know I’ve got too much stuff to do but am I ready to go for any?? Nope, not at all!
I’m literally exhausted!
Here’s a scene of the room I’m in. My books stacked on the sofa, folders, binders, booklets, copybooks and papers scattered all over the room. Pens, pencils and an entire stationery has covered that table. Now, my desk. Staplers, notecards and a paper puncher rise on top of theses scattered annotated sheets. My pencil case is empty, all what was supposed to be inside it is no longer there. I’ve used the pens as bookmarks, and the rest are lost. On top of all this obviously unorganized pile, I’ve placed my laptop. Right next to it are all the mugs I’ve been drinking in. Tea, Nescafe, juice or simply water.
Now, do I have time to get this room gutted? Of course not! I’m a busy woman! (ohyh) In the middle of everything, my mobile phone rings, to spend another 15 minutes blabbing and gossiping with my bestie. Then we’re out of words. We hang up.
I miss playing guitar. I go get it from there, but where’s my pick?? Grrr, well it’s got to be somewhere. Oh there it is! Now, I turn my amplifier on, and to my bad luck, the cable is not working! I guess I’ll have to cope with a mute guitar for the time being! Ahh!
There’s nothing on TV, all movies are boring, everything is so plain and tasteless. I turn it off.
What’s left out there to be done?? Hmmm…I’m sleepy!! I turn on the AC, snuggle my teddybear (yes I still sleep with teddybears :$) and stretch under these crispy white sheets.
What a busy day, haha !

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