To the Unknown You…

Posted: March 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
I’ve been trying hard, really hard, not to fall for you. I tried to hold on to that last tiny bit of logic in my mind but I give up. I’m going to let go of it and fall in that tiny pit of love, your tiny pit of love.
Atlast, I’ve got round to realizing it, to witnessing every tiny detail of it which I’d overlooked previously. I was blinded by what I’d input into my brain, but I am no longer.

Where have you gone? I scroll down my contact list, I see your name, but I can’t press dial. I wait for you, but you’re never there, you never show up! I keep waiting for any reply what so ever but is there any??

Right now I don’t know where I exactly stand. I lie down, sleepless, wondering wheather you were thinking about me, as much as I am right now. I’m starting to have doubts, I don’t want to hurt you when you’ve been nothing but desperate and faithful to me, but in the same time I don’t want to get hurt. I won’t deny that I’m afraid of going for it, but now is your chance to prove me wrong. Please do prove me wrong! It’s your call for once you do, I’ll never let go of you, I’ll keep holding on to it.
I’m left with nothing but overthinking, and it leaves me even more confused and helpless!

I don’t want you to be super-cool, it’s enough I’m the super-cool part of your life! Now is your chance to win me, to have me, so make it fast and save me… I’m waiting, so are you. I don’t want to be missing out on anything anymore. I’m still waiting, I hope it doesn’t take you forever…

From a puzzled me.

  1. sara kussad says:

    kol hada knti m5abeeti ya ranoosh!!!
    ya 7araaaam
    yalla gd luck!!

  2. RSF says:

    HAHAHAHA! That’s just the inspiration! 😛

  3. sara kussad says:

    ya it seems so!!!!
    walla ink mo 2leeleh!!!

  4. RSF says:

    Sara, I’ve just realized how dumb and naive I was !! lol
    I’m laughing my ass off as I read this!!

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