Three in a Row !!

Posted: March 24, 2009 in Uncategorized
Haven’t I told you I love the number ‘3’ !! We’re 3 besties each with 3 secrets. 3 minutes was how long I’d first talked to person X on March 23rd and tomorrow will be my 3rd phone call! What’s funny is, the three of us found out about each of her so-called ‘moderate attraction’ in the same time. It’s simply amazing how much we share in common!

A simple view of a typical day at school:

Mobiles in our pockets, every now and then we sneak behind the teacher’s back to check for any new missed call or message. We wait for update. A wink, giggle, or a smilie is an affirmative, a sad face means nothing new. Free session?? Great! We get to gather in that back corner of the class, and keep talking forever. We’ve just got so much to say about loads of stuff!! Classmates are ear dropping, we know that, but do they get to understand anything? I doubt, haha.

Now comes the special part- home time. Mobiles are officially on and that’s when we get to do our privilaged phonecalls, rarely thou, then hang around in the basketball court.
These days are just awesome. I hope they last forever, I really do !!

  1. sara kussad says:

    well eventhough..we’re ear dropping …but i think tht we got some of wht u were saying..coz its us ”ur classmates” and u cant hide anything from us!!!!

  2. RSF says:

    Oh yeah, definitely! lol
    Obviously u know about the whole thing right now xD!

  3. sara kussad says:

    ya i think soo….

  4. Raghda says:

    rana even if we didnt hear anything we’re able to understand yur face expressions and wat yur twinkling eyes r confessing…

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