And the countdown starts…

Posted: March 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

My first official IG exam is in two days. Yup. Ready?? I guess! It’s all about nerves, I need to keep cool and everything is going to turn out great. Hopefully. Another experience to go through… It’s time for some serious study lockdown!! Don’t expect me to blog as much for the next two months.
Wish myself and all my mates the best of luck with it!!

  1. sara kussad says:

    thx ranooosh!!!!!
    ya rab….
    i wish tht these exams would finish sooon!!!!

  2. infliktora says:

    You’re about to witness something that will last for 3 years, and trust me, will change your life and the way you look at things forever. I don’t know if another diploma does as much effect (or damage, whichever you may call it) to someone as much as IGCSE. But don’t worry, the first year is gonna be weird, but after that you’ll get used to it lol…

    Oh and not to freak you out or anything, but this is something I needed to be told before hand when I was about to go for my OL exams, in the next 2 years, you’ll remember what you went through in OL and remember it as the easy stuff!!

    Anyways good luck, and kick the crap out of the examiners sitting up there in Cambridge waiting to screw around with your grades!!


  3. RSF says:

    Hahahaha Moey, thanks A LOT!! That was exactly what I needed to hear. I’ll definitely keep that in mind and trust me I will! -isA- xD

    Thanks again buddy and you too, best of luck with your finals !!

  4. Raghda says:

    same 2 u rana…good luck buddy… hope these 2 months finish as quick as possible

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