Today was awesome!!

Posted: March 28, 2009 in Uncategorized
Apart from not getting the phone call I’d waited for, today was off the hook! It’s pretty weird, as it was mainly about that exam we had, but that’s it! This weirdness is what made it fun! The tension, stress, fun, excitement, giggles and laughters, everything went so natural, so special.

By 8 am, I was at school, getting ready to head off to the British Council, where we had our English orals. The bus was tiny, but we managed. We called our mummies, asked them to wish us luck as most of us has got exam nerves! It wasn’t long untill we reached. Tadaaaaaaa, here we are.

It wasn’t my first time to go there, looked pretty familiar. I was really hyper. So were two of my closest friends! We went into the classroom, got our statements of entry, and waited… kept waiting…then waited a bit more…THIS WAS TAKING FOREVER!! There was only one examiner for the 25 of us. Each candidate would be called every now and then to go to the room next doors for her exam.

It’d been a couple of hours and we weren’t done yet. We would check our mobile phones if there were any missed calls, messages, anything what-so-ever, and it depends… My one intended recepient was broke, and apparently forgot to top up before hand so that he’d call! grrr
Who cares! Anyway, It was Sara’s turn!! A while later, it was Emmy’s! When is mine?? Naah, it was a long way to go! As we waited, we played nearly everything, and even invented a few more!
We had our share of drinks from the cafeteria, juices, coffees and a lot more.

It’d been 7 hours! Yes 7 whole hours!! As we waited, we were getting less and less untill there were only 6 of us remaining. Atlast, my turn! Getting tense ayyy. The door was opening, she was out, I had to go in…Here I am, face to face with the examiner. It went pretty well! I got a perfect topic- Music! I had so much to talk about. Duuuh coming from a biased metalhead lol
At times, the examiner would nod her head and seem quite interested in what I was saying, and some other times, she’d just give u this face expression as if she had no idea what the hell I was saying! I don’t know if that was part of the exam, to test my nerves, or if she really had no clue what I was talking about, but eitherway we got along easily, and Phew, my 10 minutes were over!

I went out, winked at my friend, then ran to that bunch of girls who were done with their exam since ages but were waiting for my majesty! 😛 Now, FEEDBACK! Most of us did really well, technically all of us!! By then, we were nothing but hungry and what’s better than an English breakfast (at lunchtime) after a long tiring day??

By the time I went home, I was both physically and mentally exhausted! I could do nothing but SLEEEEEEEEEEP! ZzZzZzZz
Thank God, it went quite well. I hope it goes as great with the next ones too!!


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