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A Quickie

Posted: April 27, 2009 in Uncategorized
It’s just hard to say goodbye, but I know I’m strong enough to say it.
Untill I actually do, I want to know why me?? 🙂

That’s all for today…

It Happens

Posted: April 24, 2009 in Uncategorized
Some things are just unexplainable, they just happen. You can’t tell how, when or why and all it takes you is just one mere thought to prompt you to do it. You don’t know wheather it was the right thing to do or not, but you go for intentions and end up doing it, again, for no apparent reason – You just felt like it.

That’s the case with nearly everything lately. Everything? Well it’s precisely one thing that’s been on my mind for so long. Should I do it, or shouldn’t I? I just can’t make my mind. The thing is, it’s too simple, way too simple that it doesn’t need that much of thinking. Or does it?? See… That’s what I’m talking about.
Afterall, I know I want to do it. That takes me back to it’s very begining – starting all over again with a new prospective.

Now that you’ve got this urge to do it, with that same hesitant feeling that never subsides, you go on attempt of making the most out of it for you’ll never know what’s going to happen. One thing is certain – It makes you happy 🙂

Reminds Me of You

Posted: April 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
Everything reminds us of something. That song you used to listen to back then in the 8th grade, that movie you watched with your close, really close friends… That football pitch you never played in – you just hanged around cheering your pals as they played, your ringtone and that dude who everytime he passes by you laugh your ass off because he reminds you of your old friend who had a crush on him,! Loads of stuff, countless stuff that just makes you happy, simply happy.
You smile on how naive, dumb and stupid you were and how awesome these days were. You keep smiling as it’s the only thing you can do for you miss them like hell!!
I miss these good old days. I miss all these amazing friends of mine who moved schools, or even travelled to other countries for good!! I really miss everything about them. Are we ever goin to meet again?? I can’t wait to see you guys and live the madness once more!
Miss you all xxx

Random pop-ups

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Uncategorized
Why is pink pink and blue blue? Why isn’t pink black and blue red? What makes me sure that that is red, not something else?? Who said that a 1 cm is a 1 cm? Why isn’t that so called 1 cm a 10 inch?? I’m going crazy, right?? I do have these times when I tend to question everything around me, everything!! I know, sounds weird, lame and definitely doesn’t make sense, but it happens 🙂


Posted: April 19, 2009 in Uncategorized
It’s amazing how people misunderstand what they’re told, especially if it’s about certain quite sensitive stuff. The worst part is – How the hell I’m I supposed to clarfy that?!? It IS difficult to do so, but I had to. I couldn’t keep “that person” believe whatever he was believing. I just had to do it.
I know he’s shocked. VERY. Actually discombobulted is the word. I hate it, but I had no other choice, did I? Sometimes we need to take such drastic measures no matter what. It kills me that I had to do it, and it kills me he felt that way. Tough luck, truth is bitter.
That’s always the case with making inferences. Grrr. I keep wondering had I ever made it seem so?? Probably I unintentionally did/said something which made him think that way, but again, I never meant to. Whatever, why am I putting myself on the defensive?? Eitherway, I’m sorry buddy…Really sorry 😦

Why not write it myself….

Posted: April 16, 2009 in Uncategorized
’10 Years Today’ – Bullet for my valentine. Yes, that’s what I’m looking for. Play.
Alright, that’s what I’m listening to as I’m writing this tiny post. You could say I’ve lost hope, with what doesn’t really matter, it’s just that I’m givin up.

On and on although you’re gone

Candles burn without a flame on
Our final call to you I know you’re listening
How could you leave us that way
Where did you go, ten years today

(Damn it! I love this verse)

Anyway, I’ve been checking horoscopes quite a lot lately. I don’t believe in them thou. I think I’ve had enough, I’ve been through a lot! Let me just write my horoscope myself – the R way.
Hmmm, let’s see…

You’ve waited for long, so long that it’s being boring and pointless. You need a break – CUT IT LOOSE!!

Feels Good to be Back?

Posted: April 15, 2009 in Uncategorized
Today, I’m take the last pill of my medication. I can walk!! Going up and down the stairs is still an issue, but I CAN WALK!! I no longer have to use these crutches or canes! I’m free, I’m alive! Thank God!!
This was nothing but a nightmare. Four whole months of physical torture just because of a knee problem! It was bad, awefully bad! When the room next doors seems like one hell of a long way to go, then it was as horrible as it sounds…even worse! Apparently I can’t play any sport except swimming and walking. Not bad… I’ve never been into sports, never so good in any either. No wait, I used to like playing Badminton! Well, I can’t play that either anymore but who cares! I can friking walk like normal people! Hell yeah it feels good to be back!!
Thank God…