1st of April, April fool, Our IT Exam

Posted: April 1, 2009 in Uncategorized
Our IT exam on April 1st?? Sounds funny, right?? It actually was. We expected to go there and find our invigilator saying: “Exam cancelled” so that we’d panic and she’d eventually shout out loud. “APRIL FOOL!”. Ofcourse that didn’t happen. We went into the computer lab, received our exam papers, we were so into the exam mood, and afterall, (technically 2 and a half hous) we were done!! It was easy, hell easy!! We were literally ecstatic, it turned out great afterall. You’d see some mothers downstairs waiting for their girls in vain, so tense, so stressed. Phew! what a day. I still can’t believe it. Is this another unexpected April fool?? I was actually checking if it was the right paper that I got.
Anyway school is breaking for a week- Spring vaccation. We’re not though. We won’t untill the 6th of June. That’ll be when we’ll be done with all our exams! Uggg, can’t wait!

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