If Only the World Spoke Music…

Posted: April 5, 2009 in Uncategorized
If only the world spoke music, everything would’ve been perfect! Imagine…no actually listen. Listen to a world of music, melodies and tones full of passion and awsomeness. A language of music notations, tabs, sheets… a language of it’s own that only a few can understand! I can hear it, can you hear it too??
PUFFF! Too bad, wake up. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that was just too good to be true!
“Why doesn’t the world speak music??” was a facebook status I’d written ages ago and a good friend of mine simply posted, “because then it’ll be perfect, and it never is!” That was when I came into a sadder realization. Even if the world spoke music, people would still fight over which genres rule. Metal, rap, pop, hiphop, R&B;, jazz…and even if they do agree on one, they’d fight over which sub-genres rule!!! In brief, this world can’t live in peace!!

Who cares, atleast I’ve got my own world of peace, my own musical world! That’s where I revive my innerpeace. So why don’t you do it too?? Sing, who cares if your voice sucks! Play instruments, you’ll learn someday! No wait, life isn’t as easy as I make it sound, right?? Well, I know it but I still think a song, only one song would definitely do the job!! “lala la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” SEE!!


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