Feels Good to be Back?

Posted: April 15, 2009 in Uncategorized
Today, I’m take the last pill of my medication. I can walk!! Going up and down the stairs is still an issue, but I CAN WALK!! I no longer have to use these crutches or canes! I’m free, I’m alive! Thank God!!
This was nothing but a nightmare. Four whole months of physical torture just because of a knee problem! It was bad, awefully bad! When the room next doors seems like one hell of a long way to go, then it was as horrible as it sounds…even worse! Apparently I can’t play any sport except swimming and walking. Not bad… I’ve never been into sports, never so good in any either. No wait, I used to like playing Badminton! Well, I can’t play that either anymore but who cares! I can friking walk like normal people! Hell yeah it feels good to be back!!
Thank God…
  1. Sara kussad says:

    el 7amdella 3l salamah ya rana…
    yalla good a7san mn wala eshi!!1
    miss u

  2. RSF says:

    hehe miss u loads babe!!!!! mwah

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