Posted: April 19, 2009 in Uncategorized
It’s amazing how people misunderstand what they’re told, especially if it’s about certain quite sensitive stuff. The worst part is – How the hell I’m I supposed to clarfy that?!? It IS difficult to do so, but I had to. I couldn’t keep “that person” believe whatever he was believing. I just had to do it.
I know he’s shocked. VERY. Actually discombobulted is the word. I hate it, but I had no other choice, did I? Sometimes we need to take such drastic measures no matter what. It kills me that I had to do it, and it kills me he felt that way. Tough luck, truth is bitter.
That’s always the case with making inferences. Grrr. I keep wondering had I ever made it seem so?? Probably I unintentionally did/said something which made him think that way, but again, I never meant to. Whatever, why am I putting myself on the defensive?? Eitherway, I’m sorry buddy…Really sorry 😦

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