Random pop-ups

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Uncategorized
Why is pink pink and blue blue? Why isn’t pink black and blue red? What makes me sure that that is red, not something else?? Who said that a 1 cm is a 1 cm? Why isn’t that so called 1 cm a 10 inch?? I’m going crazy, right?? I do have these times when I tend to question everything around me, everything!! I know, sounds weird, lame and definitely doesn’t make sense, but it happens 🙂
  1. infliktora says:

    Ok here’s something else…
    What makes everyone sure that the red you see is that same as the red they see? It might be a shade of blue for all you know, and because every red would look the same to each individual, u cant even take reference. You might be seeing blood as the red that I see, and I might be seeing it the color called blue to you!!!

  2. RSF says:

    lol, EXACTLY!!

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