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How ironic!

Posted: May 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’ve just realized one critical issue in my social attitude – I don’t know how to deal with babies!! It’s sarcastically funny and sad in the same time. I just don’t know how to get along with them. I adore babies, but I just don’t know how to deal with these tiny creatures! lol They’re cute, chubby, funny, sweet and innocent and I can’t help acting super stupid, lame and dumb with them!! Hilarious, right? Maybe because I just don’t get in touch with ‘babies’ that often…

Last time I carried one, I was told: ” you’re carrying it as if it were a garbage bag, not a baby!” (yeah weird description I know, weird and rude! lol ) Even the baby herself was staring at me in a very weird way, as if she was thinking: ” who the hell asked her to carry me!” I try quite hard to go down to their level to the extend I go down even below it and end up acting like one freaky retard. I find it such a big responsibility that I believe I can’t handle. Yeah, carrying a baby became a demanding responsibilty! Seriously, how ironic!!

Let’s just hope someday I get over this weird baby phobia.


Want you back!

Posted: May 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

What has changed you that much? Stop denying. I know it. We both do! Was it me? you? Well then who? Somebody is missing something overhere.  I want you back, the real you! My sweet confidante. The passionate, loving and caring you, not that ignorant, mean and cruel one you’ve turned into! I miss the real you. The one I believed in and trusted with every single thing. I know it’s not too late to come back. If I was the reason, then I’m sorry. If I wasn’t, I’m still sorry! Look at us, where have we reached! We’re getting more distant everyday and I hate it!! Yes, I really do! Wake up! I did and now it’s your turn. We’re wasting our time on useless crap. I’m still waiting, I want you back…

(She knows herself…)

In a Memory…

Posted: May 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

Waiting for the unexpected is the splint of excitement offered by the ecstacy of randomness. Accepting the spontaneous unknown is what keeps it going and is itself the amusement derived from living the unexpected. I do all –  wait for, live and love the unexpected.

We’re always overcomed by the challenge of making the most out of it. We go through loads of  weird, really weird incidents which where we never thought we’d ever come across. And when we actually do, we get to find out our buried potential putting our shattered pieces together, providing us with a wicked abstract strength to move on, and go for our one and only choice of  enjoying any of the proposed outcomes.  That inner-strength was itself an unknown.

On looking back, that supposedly labelled as ‘unexpected’ remains nothing but  a memory… another sunken memory added to our archief of  ‘What was yet to come’ and that’s the best part – looking back at all bunch of them and smiling on how beautiful they were, even if they weren’t.

Out Of Sync

Posted: May 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

Yup,   starting from tomorrow and until the 12th of June don’t expect me to blog for I’ll be busy studying for my finals!! (I know I said that like a month ago and I ended up blogging even more than before :D)

Anyway, regarding my exams, I’m gonna take a friend’s advice and :

Get ready to kick those examiners’ asses who are ready to screw up with your grades!!

God, I keep dreaming about summer, the beach and when everything turns out to be fun! I’ll get there, no worries. lol Now, I’ve reached my absolute zero. (See how physics ruined my brain)

So long amigos!!

I slipped, fell down, and hurt my poor knee, again!! I didn’t bother to get up for I didn’t want to get disappointed once more. I was so close of walking perfectly fine and out of nowhere this happens. It hurt so bad, the same way it was four months ago but I was so not ready to go through all that crap all over again!! I know I’m strong, but not that strong to manage four more months of endless torture!

I tried to look at the bright side (as usual), that’s if there was one. So what? I fell down. It was meant to be that way I can’t go back in time ang manage not to fall down. I cheered myself up, got up, and tried to walk. It wasn’t that bad afterall. I started taking few of my old medications to ease the pain. It helped… It still hurts. Feels like something isn’t just in it’s place. Outch. Anyway I’m not sad, angry or anything. I look at cup half full 🙂

Barbie Craving

Posted: May 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

As far as I remember, it was back in the 6th or 7th grade when I decided I was too old for Barbies! Yes, like all other little kids (I suppose), I had loads of them. I remember, I used to torture them!! I used to cut their hair, colour the remaining bit of it, exchange their removable hand parts with other ones.  Oh, once, my brother flushed one of their boots down the toilet!!That was hilarious, haha! So it wasn’t only me. No wait, I’m a girl, I shouldn’t have “misused” them in such a way lol !!

I used to make up all these weird scenarios in my mind while playing with them, all mean and evil ones! So that day I decided no more Barbie dolls, I got one of them, then started scribbling all over her with that black marker. She was no longer a “she” !! I was proud though. Creative 😛 I called on my brother, got all these so called dolls then broke them into pieces and threw them out of the window!! Dad was screaming his head off ( he didn’t want the neighbours to think we were crazy or something.) You could see all their remains on the road and parked cars!

I still don’t get it, why did I do that? Ironic, right?? lol  I just hope that hadn’t derived from some psychological problem. Pff, don’t worry I haven’t gone insane yet 😀 although on hearing that, Grandma told me: “Go see a shrink!”  A while later, I realized how much I missed these dolls. That sense of craving for my Barbies started! I guess throwing them out of the window was the only choice I had to get rid of them back then. I thought about buying a few more (don’t worry, not to torture them  of course) but then, I was convincing myself I was a “BIG GIRL”. I had to move on with no more barbies! Maybe Barbies weren’t just for me. God, I was such a tomboy! haha

My ‘WordPress’ Shift

Posted: May 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’m now an official WordPress user! I started with ‘Weblog’, changed to ‘Blogger’ and finally- WordPress.  It’s got this sense of maintaining  a professional blog, regarding everything! The themes… It took me a whole lot of time to decide on one of them. I don’t know. It’s more like when I find the layout I want, I don’t like the colour and the otherway round!

I still need a supercool header! With my baby photoshop abilities?? I don’t think so lol I don’t even have a propper photoshop package on this lame laptop and I’m too lazy to download one. Either way, I don’t have time to work on that for now, my exams are close…really close!! Can’t wait to get over with them

Till then, Cheeeeeeers!!