Ops! Didn’t see that coming…

Posted: May 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

I slipped, fell down, and hurt my poor knee, again!! I didn’t bother to get up for I didn’t want to get disappointed once more. I was so close of walking perfectly fine and out of nowhere this happens. It hurt so bad, the same way it was four months ago but I was so not ready to go through all that crap all over again!! I know I’m strong, but not that strong to manage four more months of endless torture!

I tried to look at the bright side (as usual), that’s if there was one. So what? I fell down. It was meant to be that way I can’t go back in time ang manage not to fall down. I cheered myself up, got up, and tried to walk. It wasn’t that bad afterall. I started taking few of my old medications to ease the pain. It helped… It still hurts. Feels like something isn’t just in it’s place. Outch. Anyway I’m not sad, angry or anything. I look at cup half full 🙂


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