In a Memory…

Posted: May 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

Waiting for the unexpected is the splint of excitement offered by the ecstacy of randomness. Accepting the spontaneous unknown is what keeps it going and is itself the amusement derived from living the unexpected. I do all –  wait for, live and love the unexpected.

We’re always overcomed by the challenge of making the most out of it. We go through loads of  weird, really weird incidents which where we never thought we’d ever come across. And when we actually do, we get to find out our buried potential putting our shattered pieces together, providing us with a wicked abstract strength to move on, and go for our one and only choice of  enjoying any of the proposed outcomes.  That inner-strength was itself an unknown.

On looking back, that supposedly labelled as ‘unexpected’ remains nothing but  a memory… another sunken memory added to our archief of  ‘What was yet to come’ and that’s the best part – looking back at all bunch of them and smiling on how beautiful they were, even if they weren’t.


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