Want you back!

Posted: May 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

What has changed you that much? Stop denying. I know it. We both do! Was it me? you? Well then who? Somebody is missing something overhere.  I want you back, the real you! My sweet confidante. The passionate, loving and caring you, not that ignorant, mean and cruel one you’ve turned into! I miss the real you. The one I believed in and trusted with every single thing. I know it’s not too late to come back. If I was the reason, then I’m sorry. If I wasn’t, I’m still sorry! Look at us, where have we reached! We’re getting more distant everyday and I hate it!! Yes, I really do! Wake up! I did and now it’s your turn. We’re wasting our time on useless crap. I’m still waiting, I want you back…

(She knows herself…)


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