How ironic!

Posted: May 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’ve just realized one critical issue in my social attitude – I don’t know how to deal with babies!! It’s sarcastically funny and sad in the same time. I just don’t know how to get along with them. I adore babies, but I just don’t know how to deal with these tiny creatures! lol They’re cute, chubby, funny, sweet and innocent and I can’t help acting super stupid, lame and dumb with them!! Hilarious, right? Maybe because I just don’t get in touch with ‘babies’ that often…

Last time I carried one, I was told: ” you’re carrying it as if it were a garbage bag, not a baby!” (yeah weird description I know, weird and rude! lol ) Even the baby herself was staring at me in a very weird way, as if she was thinking: ” who the hell asked her to carry me!” I try quite hard to go down to their level to the extend I go down even below it and end up acting like one freaky retard. I find it such a big responsibility that I believe I can’t handle. Yeah, carrying a baby became a demanding responsibilty! Seriously, how ironic!!

Let’s just hope someday I get over this weird baby phobia.

  1. […] the “Phobia” I mentioned earlier?? I’ve got over that too! I can now deal with them perfectly […]

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