And the best thing about Chinese Food is:

Posted: June 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’ve been hitting that Chinese Restaurant quite A LOT lately. Everyone at home is so busy that we’ve all been ordering  take-aways nearly everyday since the beginning of this month.  Since I’ve tried nearly every single course by now, I thought that deserves a tiny share of my posts.

So the best thing about Chinese Food is that you don’t really get to know what you’re eating exactly unless you read those little tags on top of the buffet dishes. The food looks really good, very delicious actually, but everything looks alike over here! I don’t care, it tastes yummy.

What I really like, and find annoying at the same time, is this whole “sour-sweet” idea. I love it, but again it’s got this special taste to it that you don’t know what is it exactly that you’re eating, or how it should actually taste. Well that’s it – Sour-sweet!

chinese-foodThe second thing which stood out in all the Chinese restaurants I’d been to (apart from the typical corn soup – standard of all Chinese restaurants) is their Spices! I’m a big fan of spicy food, and that last ‘Spicy Squid” I had was way too spicy!! Too spicy that it masks the taste of  the squid itself.  Sometimes however, it’s just extremely spicy that it gets annoying- I would no longer feel my tongue. My taste buds are ruind, haha.

Oh, Lemon! They use lemon with nearly everything- Shrimps, chicken, desserts…yeh!  There’s only one thing they need to add to their menu- Bread! If only they introduce bread with their dishes, everything is going to be fine! Rice is cool, but we need bread!


Wait, I noticed onething. None of the waiters over here are Chinese!! This is funny. I still wonder, why don’t we get to eat with chop-sticks over here. I’ve tried them once in one of the Chinese restaurants I’ve been to in the UK, and to my delight, I managed to use them the right way! I tried some Chinese Ducks too, and it tasted pretty good. The pasta was weird thou. Weird but tasty 🙂

One more thing I just love about Chinese restaurants is their decor, especially that of the one I’d been to in the UK. The paintings, light effects and the colours they use are all so relaxing.  Love the ambiance!

I don’t think my brother is going to like this post for his current msn display name says: ” Hotpot sucks!” (Hotpot is a Chinese dish which I still don’t exactly know what is it.) Haha, poor dude, he’s sick of Chinese food!

Apparently he isn’t the only one.

Check this out:  DownBad‘s new single, “Chicken Kun Pao Tastes Like S**t…” (Sheer awesomeness!)

  1. Shuqiao says:

    Hi my name is Shuqiao, if you think it’s hard to read my Chinese name you can also call me Diane.
    I found it is pretty interesting to read your entry about Chinese food and I know exactly what you mean by saying “you don’t really know what you are eating. Haha, it does happen, even to me! xD
    Well hotpot is like a big pot that you put water in, then you boil the water, after that you put meat, veggies and all kind of food in so that they all get heat and cooked. You take out the food and eat with a kind of special sauce. I dont know if I explained it to you properly, if not i am sorry that my English is no9t good enough.
    Hope you always enjoy Chinese food!!! 😉
    ps: Where are you from?? 🙂

  2. manuel says:

    i’m dominican, and i loveee chinise food, i think that their ingridients are the best, my favorite plate would be the pork fried rice with sesame chicken, mmmm, am getting hungry already!!! lol lol

  3. Rana says:

    Sesame Chicken, I love that too!! Chicken orange and chicken mango aswell! Chicken Mango tastes more like a dessert thou lol
    You made me feel hungry too haha 😀

  4. melody says:

    hey im melody and i love chinese food and chines men ooooo! 🙂

  5. Kailyn says:

    The one with the brocoli looks yummy! anyways my b-days on the 9th 😀

  6. sreyno says:

    chinese foods is so good i want to eat it

  7. Rana says:

    Ohhh Happy B-day Kailyn, you should have a Chineese dish 😛
    Right now am super hungry that I’m ready to eat the whole buffet haha. Tempting ❤ !

  8. victoria says:

    hi ,i love chinese food specially that pasta.i am from lebanon.

  9. ya this is nice site…pls put the incredients and how to cook….

  10. Rana says:

    @ Victoria, yeah the pasta is awesome !
    @ Nagala, yeah I’ll do my best at that. Am not a good cook myself haha

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