So what, keep dreaming

Posted: June 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

Sometimes when reality turns out to be so unbearable, so unexplainable we tend to find our own way of fixing it up, temporaily, in our heads. It’s where the ‘too good to be true’ exists, it’s where we’re free to enjoy whatever pops into our minds, so we dream. We know nothing. It is going to happen! Or maybe not… Even if it would, when will be that day that never comes? Soon, we hope. Too many outcomes that we’re left with nothing but one last chance – hope for the best, and dream of it actually becoming true.

It’s your mind’s throne. YOUR throne. Live what you once thought could never exist for there, it’s never out of place. You want it, you crave for it, it’s nowhere around you, but it’s there in you. It’s your only escape. Dream of it, for maybe one day that dream becomes your reality. Who’s holding you back? It’s your innermost thoughts, your innermost future memories, your innermost dreams.

Lay down, on these soft crispy sheets. If there isn’t any, dream of them, for that’s just as good. Stop overthinking, for it’ll all exist in your one-minute dream. Imagine all those you love, right there around you, there arms holding you tight. For only one minute, one damn minute they’re there, squeezing for the happiness, love and much more. Now, you can have your tiny share of anything you couldn’t have in real life, for dreams would definitely do.

I had a dream… A very sweet one.  That same one you had too. I wished it was true, but why wish, for we know someday It would?

That’s the power of uncertainity, the power of dreams…


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