Sweet Babysitting

Posted: June 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

Today, I got to enjoy the most exciting hours of this week where I got to babysit two awesome boys (sons of one of mum’s friend). The whole thing just popped out all of a sudden, and that’s the fun part. I loved their innocence – something which my life lacked for the past while. Introducing myself to them went pretty well, amazing actually. we got along quite quickly, talked, laughed and had so much fun. We watched some cartoon, stuff which I hadn’t watched in ages! God, that just reminded me of my childhood! We drew, wrote stuff, played together, messed with my stupid Hp, ate chocolates (not me though, I’m on diet) and best of all, became good pals!!

This was the second time I officially become in charge of little boys, after supervising grade 3 monsters at school! haha. That day was hilarious. I was screaming my head off asking them to be quiet for God’s sake! Ahhh, those little ones just drive me crazy when they get so hyper, but I just love them!! It was a whole different experience, being in charge and demanding decipline. A tough one I should say and definitely not concidering it as a future career. I can’t imagine myself changing dipers! lol

  1. Sara kussad says:

    So sweeeeeeeeeet!!!!
    miss ya ranooosh!

  2. Rana says:

    Haha Super Nanny!!!! miss you more sweets! mwa

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