Random pop-ups #2: How come we never get to choose our names?

Posted: June 26, 2009 in Randoms

Here I go again, questioning the obvious. How come it’s MY name, and I never got to choose it?? Once we’re born our parents do all the thinking and come up with a name for us. It’s not like there’s another choice but it’s just weird. There are all these quizzes where they go like: Personality analysis from your name/ first letter of your name. Come on, I never chose that name, and how come it reflects my personality?? They should add that to the list of human rights: every child gets to choose his/her name! haha, or it’s either we stay nameless untill we’re old enough to make up our minds on a name lol. I know that’s never practical and will never be applied anywhere but it was quite worth the thinking. It’s not like I hate my name or anything, but I had never LOVED it either- it was nothing but “my name” . You know, I grew up with that name and that’s it – end of story.


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