Poor dude! could it get any worse?

Posted: June 29, 2009 in Randoms

Hot and humid weather is pretty annoying. Hot and humid with no water is even worse! Hot and humid with no water and a heater instead if an AC is a torture!! Who would expect the regular negative temperatures to turn into such irritating weather conditions. No more rain, no more snow, yet no sun either ! haha

Well, that’s the case of my poor brother. ( well I’m bored so couldn’t find a better topic to blog about than this one 😛 ) It’s too hot in his room at the moment that he can’t stand any clothes on. Web cams off , let’s give him some privacy, shouldn’t we?

I can tell he’s now desperate for a super cold, freezing shower, a bucket of frozen lemonade maybe, and some Baskin Robins maybe?? Hey am I being mean?? lol But I do feel sorry for him! :$  Hope this doesn’t last for long. And he was like ” I hated snow! ” So is that anybetter ? 😛

For the time being, I’m literally bored out of my head!

So Long Amigooooooooos!


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