Linguistic creativity at the crack of dawn

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Emotions, Love, Randoms

Mind these three words I said before,

‘I hate you’

speaks for itself, and much more

wait until dawn, I’ll be gone

I buried my hurt in the sand, now drifted by the shore

A farewell?

No, it’s not worth the goodbye

There you stand still, by the same shore, and so am I

No worries,

Just a few more minutes and you’ll see the sun

Just a few more steps and I’m all gone

But… If only you knew

‘I hate you’ was the only shield that delivered my love to you

That demanding mind of yours would’ve found an explanation

to the frequet agitation, tolerance and irritation

No worries,

Memories are good enough

They’re though, but good enough

If only you knew, If only you knew…

I’ll be moving on, regardless of my own will

turn our backs to the shore, rise from the dump where we fell

yes we will…

for you never knew,

and you never will…

(PS: this is to nobody 😀 )

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