Spiritual mode On

Posted: July 7, 2009 in Emotions, Spirituality

God is beautiful. No, God is beauty at its best. God is beauty itself. I’m blessed with countless stuff that most of us are usually ignorant of. Loads of tiny trivial stuff that do make a difference in our lives once they’re gone, once they vanish…

God is just so merciful. I keep thinking, how many times did I seek refuge and forgiveness, and promised not to get back to that I’d done previously, yet I do slip into doing it over and over again… Then, shamefully left with nothing but to look at the sky, knowing how helpless I am, and seek forgiveness… Again.

Words can’t explain. It’s just not enough to illustrate what it actually is for  it’s meant to be felt not just read.

God is always there for you, always! He knows what’s best for us more than us for It’s Him who created us. I think that’s the key for eternal happiness- Knowing that everything is meant to be the way they are and accepting them with no whining nore regret.

When you’re down, talk to God, seek his help. He’s the one who can hear you, see you, and feel you. He knows how you feel without you having to explain. It’s okay to admitt you’re wrong, because then you’ve known what’s actually right. There’s always a way to make it right, so do it, before it’s too late.

As for me, I’m desperate for God’s forgiveness, for I know I need it. We all need it. I say it, here and everywhere, I’m ashamed of my sins… Those I’ve done deliberately and those I’ve made unconciously, without knowing, the tiniest of them and the greatest… All in all, Please God forgive me for I’m nothing but a weak creature of yours, seeking your refuge, desperate for your forgiveness, and more than just thankful for all your bounties!


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