Physiotherapy – Session 1

Posted: July 13, 2009 in health

Remember the knee problem I told you about earlier? Well, yesterday was my first session of physiotherapy. I really didn’t want to go, I wasn’t ready to! By 4 p.m. we hit the hospital, checked in, and *drum roll* there I was: in some room, with too many weird devices which I’d never came across untill that moment. “Mrs. Doctor” came in, did the same diagnosis the previous three doctors did few months ago, then the physiotheraphy started…

The weird thing was, during this first session there was nothing so physical involved. I was basically lying on that bed (The pillow was annoying, it got me dizzy 😛 ) and then the lady used some laser therapy I should say, then ultra sound, then another wierd thing which I still have no idea what on earth was that.

I was both bored and curious to know how the “course of action” of these stuff, you know, it’s not like I had anything better to do. She went into A fibres, C fibres, Pain gates, Brains, nerves, blood flow etc etc etc… That Chit chat just went on and on, then she went and left me stuck with these irritating medical machines ! 

It was pretty quiet, got my earphones, plugged them in, and enjoyed whaterver I was doing. You know, I’ve got this power to turn anything annoying, boring, and pretty irritating into being fun and enjoyable. At least I’ve got the will to. And that was pretty much what I did through out the remaining hours, no minutes, no seconds, no… I don’t know I just lost track of time.

Anyway, This gave me the time to spring clean with what was on my mind, and still is. I was left thinking, and singing, and thinking one more time but again of no use. So I gave up with the overthinking I was unconciously doing and just listened to whatever I was listening to, and hoped, really hoped, time would fly so that I’d get out of there and enjoy my life once more….

  1. Uchiha says:

    loooool !! nice one 😛
    keep it up 😀

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